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Vividly limited

Apparently Dave has never walked across the Harbour Bridge before. Say whaaaaaat? We’ve been meaning to right this considerable wrong for a while but the timing has never worked out for us. This weekend however, Dave had the brilliant idea to complete the crossing in the cool of Saturday evening. We began our stroll whilst the … Continue reading


I’ve never met a person with CF who isn’t stubborn. We have to be. This trait enables us to survive day one of life, the first month, on to a year, past a decade, to chase down and then overtake the current average life expectancy. How else are we going to acknowledge a drop in … Continue reading


Sitting in a pub, with five other PWCF, on a Wednesday night, is not a usual occurrence for us. That is exactly where and what Dave and I found ourselves doing recently. It was fantastic. One of the group had just turned 40 and we gathered to tell him in person that he’s now officially … Continue reading

Sweetly bitter

The first time we met I was a bona fide walking and talking caricature of a PWCF struggling with poor health. Cue the violins. I had been battling a cold which escalated into trouble pretty quickly. Despite swift and assertive intervention I had nonetheless moved steadily through the three stages of trouble: virus, leading to … Continue reading

The tongue which almost got away

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I was sitting in an empty dresser drawer which had been pulled out from the dresser and was resting on the floor. I had a perfectly lovely time pretending it was a boat.

Scar Stories

Scar Stories

If I was ever murdered and dismembered by a serial killer I reckon that all of my body parts could be easily identified. By scars. Except for my left leg. My left leg is pretty much perfect. I do have my Dad’s toes though so if they used him as a reference point then that … Continue reading

Black Knights

Our lung function inevitably declines despite our absolute best efforts. Honestly? Sometimes this can be pretty hard to deal with. Every clinic visit we do lung function tests (LFT’s) to map where things are up to. LFT’s are an objective measure that the doctors use to get a handle on our health. For the uninitiated: … Continue reading

Rolling the dice

Rolling the dice

CF is un-bloody-predictable. Daily life is a role of the dice. For a control freak like me it can be very unsettling. The Thursday before last I was feeling absolutely awesome. Exercise was a breeze. During our evening stroll I didn’t need to ask Dave to slow down once. I could talk AND walk – even … Continue reading

How to get there

How to get there

Sometimes, if I let myself, I feel like this whole CF gig is bloody hard work with no light at the end of the tunnel. This Michael Leunig artwork is an encouragement for me to keep up the hard work. I hope it encourages you too! Artwork used with permission by Michael Leunig.