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Grapefruit and other killers

Grapefruit and other killers

To say that we have complicated medical regimes is like saying that waves have a slight tendency to err on the larger side in a tsunami. 99% of the time I ably coordinate what meds I’m taking and when but these last few weeks have been the other 1% of the time that I just can’t get it together. There’s a … Continue reading

You look so well!

You look so well!

I took a break from visiting Dave last week. I stayed at home for a couple of evenings to remind our dogs what one of their parents looks like and gave them lots of cuddles. I even let them sleep on the bed. Oh my. When I finally visited Dave again, the change in his … Continue reading

Feeling…. meh

The last month was kind of rough for us. Dave was feeling distinctly…. meh. By which I mean, he was debilitated. Like someone crash tackled him out of life and firmly benched him. He was sick of being sick. He needed IV’s like a fish needs water. He’s had a week and a half of … Continue reading

The hamster wheel

It’s come to my attention that I am time poor. From sunrise to sunset I am scheduled. If I am not sleeping, eating, commuting, working, dog walking, cooking or cleaning, I am generally doing a CF related task. I feel like I’m stuck on a hamster wheel going round and round because I have misplaced the OFF … Continue reading


It’s a wonder that Dave and I don’t rattle when we walk.  We take a fair few pills!  The major type of pill we take is our digestive enzyme called Creon. Like most people with CF (PWCF) we can’t digest food because our own pancreatic enzymes are prevented from reaching the food by thick mucus. … Continue reading

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

This is the scientific name for a bacteria that is unfortunately very well known in the Cystic fibrosis (CF) community. It’s readily found in the environment (particularly soil and stagnant water) and doesn’t cause problems for the vast majority of people. Unfortunately the CF lungs provide a perfect environment for Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) to flourish. … Continue reading

Special K

Kalydeco. Special K. Hope. The next best thing to a cure… hopefully.


The pancreas really struggles in Cystic fibrosis (CF). Sooner or later it doesn’t regulate the amount of sugar in the blood properly and people with CF (PWCF) often develop CF related diabetes (CFRD) – which is distinct from other types of diabetes.


Salt. It’s a simple compound. It’s an important compound. In people with CF (PWCF) salt is completely unmanaged in certain cells of the body. It’s allowed to run amok.