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Speed doctoring

Speed doctoring

The spark has gone out of my current gastroenterologist/patient relationship. He doesn’t return my calls or emails, or even want to spend time with me anymore. We just don’t talk deeply about the really important things in life, you know, like my poo. He’s just not that into me, I guess. It’s a real shame … Continue reading



In the last month I have been existing in a dehydrated and randomly sugared state with a perpetually uncomfortable abdomen. As a result, I have been a bit of a massive grump. Stomping into the house to escape the hot and humid weather that almost melts me like an ice cube on my commute home. Getting snappy … Continue reading

Canapés: unexpected challenges for a person with CF

One Friday night Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the celebration of a fifteenth wedding anniversary. We were surrounded by happy and friendly people, good food, endless Moet and manicured gardens. It was a perfect evening. We were served canapés. Scrump-tious. As I enjoyed each plate of deliciousness I began to remember that canapés can … Continue reading

Somewhere in the world it is snack time

Somewhere in the world it is snack time

The doctors gave me an ultimatum. I could either stay in hospital for another week or go home on home IV’s. I think you can figure out which option was most attractive. I’ve been working very hard at resting, sleeping, eating and drinking. No joke, it actually is hard work. We’ve all had things in … Continue reading

Did I mention that I love my port?

This admission has increased my already boundless love for my port-a-cath. The whole process would have been one hundred million billion times more traumatic without it. I required a CT scan to visualise my innards. This meant I needed to drink 500 ml of oral contrast which prompted one of my projectile vomits. I also … Continue reading

Feeling…. meh

The last month was kind of rough for us. Dave was feeling distinctly…. meh. By which I mean, he was debilitated. Like someone crash tackled him out of life and firmly benched him. He was sick of being sick. He needed IV’s like a fish needs water. He’s had a week and a half of … Continue reading

CF affects a lot

Hands up who thinks CF affects only the lungs? Who thinks it only affects the lungs and digestive system? Who has no idea? CF affects a lot! When I’m describing what CF is with my patients at work I usually only mention the effects in the lungs and digestive system. These are the two most … Continue reading

Not the biggest loser

Being the biggest loser is not a good thing when it comes to Cystic fibrosis (CF). People with CF (PWCF) often have trouble keeping enough fat on.