About me

My name is Janette, I am 32 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia.  I specifically live in Newtown – an inner city suburb which is absolutely full of life.  We’ve lived in our house for three and a half years and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I’ve been married to Dave for almost ten years and we have two beautiful Kelpie dogs.  Our dogs are the light of our lives.  I also have a wonderful network of family and friends which make my life extra special.

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I work full time as a genetic counsellor giving test results and chatting about options with pregnant women.  It took years for me to reach this goal and I’m pleased that I find this role as fulfilling as I hoped.

I am living with Cystic fibrosis (CF).  I’m also married to someone living with CF.  Living with CF and being married to someone with CF is not unheard of, but it is rare.  Dealing with CF x 2 poses lots of challenges for us individually, and as a couple.

This blog is about capturing all the little aspects of CF that Dave and I have to navigate every day, week, month and year to stay alive, to feel healthy and to enjoy life.  Some aspects are little quirks that we don’t even register consciously, that are ingrained into our life.  Other thing are big deals even to the long initiated.

Come with me on this journey as I try to capture the essence of CF.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi J,What a great idea to explane to people the aspects of CF that you and dave have to deal with.You have a very positive attitude to life which is great. All the best with this blog and hope many people click onto it to share your journey wiyh you.
    Cheers, Mike.


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