Rydal bliss

My dad often asks me “What are you looking forward to?”

Over the last four months I’ve been stuck for an answer because I honestly haven’t been looking forward to much. I’ve been in survival mode. After a lengthy pause during which I cast around for some sort of response I often replied along these lines:

Good health
A clean house
Someone to change the bed sheets
A functional bowel
Dave wearing something other than tracksuit pants and a tracksuit top
No need for a thermometer
Doing an activity, with Dave, outside of our house
Lungs that allow everyday tasks to be accomplished.

Thank the gods, there is now something that I am looking forward to. Rydal.

Rydal is a tiny collection of houses near Lithgow, which is near the Blue Mountains, which is just west of Sydney. There is a little cottage which is pet friendly. Importantly, it has a massive backyard so our girls can pretend they are farm dogs. At our own house we have to bribe them with food to go outside. At Rydal we have to bribe them with food to come inside. They simply do not want to go home.

At Rydal I am looking forward to:

Stoking the fire
Watching Netflix
Praying for a light dusting of snow
Taking photos
Strolling through our private bushland
Enjoying ourselves and recharging our much depleted batteries.

There is one rule for this holiday: no one is allowed to get sick. No one. For one whole week, the two humans and two canines must stay healthy.

Can we do it?


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