Hello, we are the Haywards, and we are medication addicts

If I had to choose five essential medications to take with us in a natural disaster I don’t think I could. There are so many that are integral to our survival. I would be swept away by flood waters whilst still frantically weighing up the pros and cons of each medication.

A pop quiz upon a sample size of two revealed that Dave and I instantly agreed on our first medication priority: Creon – our digestive enzyme. If we can’t eat…. then we can’t achieve much else. But if we can’t breathe…. we also can’t achieve much else. The number of respiratory meds we require is fairly extensive which is why my pros and cons list would spiral wildly out of control.

There are at least twenty-one separate medications that must be taken each day in our household. I say “at least” because it’s entirely possible I’ve forgotten a few. The majority of them are taken by us both but there are a handful that are taken by either Dave or myself. When one of us is having an exacerbation the number of meds becomes truly uncountable. As such, we are highly valued customers of our local chemist and his mortgage thanks us gratefully for our business.

Forms with questions like “Are you taking or have you taken any medications in the past year?” make me chuckle and shake my head in wonderment. Assuming I can remember them all, which is impossible, how am I supposed to fit all of the meds I’ve taken in the past year onto three measly lines? That too is impossible.

There is much pill popping and inhaling of white powders or solutions at our house. Whole cupboards are devoted to our medications and their associated paraphernalia. We live in a bona fide drug den of the pharmaceutical variety.

Is it any wonder our dogs are drug junkies too?

A few weeks ago our eldest fur-child, Flame, thought she’d dabble in drugs. Flame did not look like she was enjoying the experience. She all but begged us to take her to the vet for a sleep over and we hastily agreed. It was an error in her judgement that cost us handsomely. The vet thought she had probably ingested methadone from The Drug Zone at our local park. The vet made notes right next to the entry about our other fur-child, Scout, who consumed pot from the very same Drug Zone.

I reckon our family has a newly created file over at the RSPCA and they are watching us.

Flame and Scout itching to go over at the park (AKA The Drug Zone) for their next drug fix.

Flame and Scout: itching to go over to the park across the street (AKA The Drug Zone) for their next fix.

NB: We didn’t intend for our dogs to ingest drugs. We are responsible dog owners. It just so happens that despite our best efforts they eat stuff off the ground during their walks, and on separate occasions, they accidentally ate drugs.


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