Team K+

The old man who I. Just. Can't. Catch.

My nemesis: the old man who I. Just. Can’t. Catch.

I always wear a CF themed cap for my runs. I’ve just swapped over to a beauty from the Rock CF Foundation. Running in this cap is oh so important to me because it keeps me realistic.

When I’m feeling like there’s not enough air in my lungs, that this hill is too steep, or wondering why the old man I chase down is STILL! in front of me, the cap helps me keep things in perspective. It reminds me how woefully I could run when I started my fitness campaign – the impediment that was my lungs, and the inability of my body – and how far I’ve come.

More than this, it reminds me that I’m lucky. Superlatively lucky! Lucky, because I can run 5km, because I can run at all. Lucky, because I can work almost full-time and I am healthy enough to travel anywhere I want. Lucky, because it’s been a very, very long time since I needed a holiday at the Hilton. Lucky, because I can leave my house and do lots of activities, not simply exist on my couch. Lucky, because I can make myself lunch, take a shower, dress myself, clean my teeth and get out of bed. Lucky, because I can breathe without oxygen, because I can breathe at all. There are PWCF who simply can’t do all of these things. Sometimes during a run I think of them and I dig a little deeper and I do a little better in their honour.

In celebration of myself and in honour of others, I am running 5km in Great Strides on Oct 26th. Great Strides is a fundraising event for the Australian state CF organisations. I live in the state of New South Wales so any monies raised will go straight to Cystic Fibrosis NSW (CFNSW) and will directly help PWCF.

CFNSW does many fantastic things. For example, they bought Dave and me a physio table and they delivered it straight to our living room. How generous is that? They loaned me a travel sized nebuliser when I went to Singapore recently. It was so light to carry and it saved us from buying an additional pump – fantastic. They provide social workers who have supported me countless times. They offer advice about Centrelink payments or mobility permits. They train Homecare workers to do physio in our homes. Dave receives Homecare physio multiple times a week and is rather grateful that the carers are appropriately trained, whilst I am exceptionally happy that I don’t need to help with his physio in addition to my own! CFNSW provides emergency financial support, and travel allowances for essential clinic visits for those who live in regional areas. They provide information and education. They are involved in advocacy on a state and national level about important issues such as Kalydeco accessibility which you are all so well aware of. They contribute money to research. And the list goes on. In short, they make a difference. A very real and tangible difference.

Team K+You have a chance to dig into your pockets and support CFNSW financially by sponsoring my team: Team K+. K+ has been a huge factor in my ability to run 5km. It’s definitely helped physically, but more than that, it’s given me a reason to run, and unshakeable hope that I will be able to.

Every little bit counts. $2 is the lowest tax deductible amount so please consider chipping in some coffee money. Lots of little bits can make a big difference! Visit Team K+’s Everyday Hero account right here.

Who is Team K+? Well, there’s me. You know me pretty well. There’s Hayley, a fellow dog mum and Park Run PB smasher. Tim and Karl are dog dads and Park Run runners. Their dog Buddy is the fastest dog in the Park Run! Vanessa works with me. She is a super sonographer (performs ultrasounds) and she has a relative with CF.

Team K+ thanks you in advance for your generous support!



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