65 roses

Red roseThe rose has become a symbol for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). As the legend goes, a young child couldn’t pronounce the words “Cystic fibrosis”. Their best attempt was “65 roses”.

Interesting? Yep, might come up in a trivia night one time. Sweet? Check. It tugs at the heart-strings. However, other than recognising it as a symbol associated with CF the rose has never meant much to me personally until very recently.

I’m pretty compliant with treatment and meds but one area where I can improve is in the exercise department. At the moment, the rose inspires me to step up. It’s emblazoned on my running cap and every time I put it on and go for a run it reminds me exactly why I’m running. For my own physical health, because it’s one tangible way I can actually kick CF’s butt every time I run faster or longer, I have to use my lungs or lose them, because I am able to run 3km when others aren’t and I don’t want to squander this ability, achieving my 3km goal makes me feel GOOD. The rose challenges me to put in the hard yards.

That’s what the rose means to me right now. I imagine that the rose will mean different things to me at different times, it’s significance will evolve. What does the rose mean to you?


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