The amazing Dave and his amazing swim

Dave is almost 11 years past the average expiry date of people with CF (PWCF). As far as I’m concerned this is an amazing achievement. He’s still going strong! He is one of the most compliant and dedicated PWCF I know.

Dave standing behind blocks

A massive contributor to his good health at his ripe old age is swimming. He’s been swimming ever since he was diagnosed at five years of age. As a natural breaststroker he tore up the pool as a youngster. Swimming is still his exercise of choice and he is a regular at our local pool to keep his lungs moving and the mucus shifting.

Four years ago we jetted over to Perth for the FINA World Masters Championships. Dave trained seriously for this event and his hard work really paid off. He came eleventh in the world for his age group in the 50m breaststroke. For anyone, that’s an amazing achievement. For PWCF, that’s simply stellar.

While we were over there Dave needed daily physiotherapy for general health and to help him to swim at his absolute best. CF Western Australia (CFWA) kindly organised a physio to take care of Dave’s physio prior to his events. That was a huge help since I don’t have the energy to give Dave his daily quota of physio in addition to doing my own physio. We are still members of CFWA and learn stacks from their newsletter. They are really on our wavelength of what we want from a CF association.Dave swimming at the World Masters Championships

Unfortunately Dave also got the opportunity to make sure the adult CF centre at Charles Gairdner hospital was in tip top shape with an unexpected visit to their emergency department. He was given some oxygen and had some tests before being allowed to fly back to Sydney for follow up care. The CFWA physio drove us both to the hospital and got Dave through to the inner sanctum quick smart. What a gem!

We had a great holiday too with our swimming mates. Perth is a great place. Worth a look.

Dave and one of his swimming mates at FINA World Masters Championships

Dave and one of his swimming mates at FINA World Masters Championships


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