Man's hands holding insulin penThe pancreas really struggles in Cystic fibrosis (CF). Sooner or later it doesn’t regulate the amount of sugar in the blood properly and people with CF (PWCF) often develop CF related diabetes (CFRD) – which is distinct from other types of diabetes.

The good news about CFRD? You can still eat whatever you want, whenever you want – no pesky diabetic diets. Insulin is used to keep blood sugar levels (BSL’s) in the green zone.

I don’t have CFRD but I’m regularly checked for it. I suspect that I’ll develop it one day – something to anticipate.

Man's hand testing his blood sugar levelsDave on the other hand, is affected. He takes two types of insulin each day. One is long acting and keeps his sugars under control between meals and overnight. The other one is short acting and works for 2 hours post meals to deal with the sugar high after eating. He checks his sugars regularly and keeps lots of snacks and juice handy in case he misjudges the amount of carbohydrate in his meal and over enthusiastically injects too much insulin so that his sugars get too low.

It’s quite the balancing act! When it gets out of whack things get tough. It also takes quite a bit of planning to ensure Dave’s equipment is with him when he needs to shoot up or check out his BSL situation.

The only interesting part about it is our little game of “Guess my BSL’s”. While Dave’s little machine tests his BSL’s we each have to guess what the reading is. Whoever is closest wins!


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